Religious facilities such as churches, synagogues and other buildings used for religious activities can vary from a sanctuary or meeting area with an office and lobby, to a large campus and parochial school with multiple buildings, classrooms, activity centers, offices, gymnasium, kitchen and fellowship hall. And, cleaning is a necessity whether you outsource or use in-house staff or church volunteers. Operational budgets are often tight with little room for additional costs.

Dirty restrooms and bad odors can create a negative impression with your members and visitors. Correct use of disinfectants and cleaning techniques can make the difference. NRI Corporation Cleaning provides extra special attention to hot spots where dirt collects and germs thrive, such as sink areas, behind toilets and urinals, stall doors and walls, hardware, baseboards and floors.

Maintaining a thorough cleaning schedule can place extra burden on in-house staff or member volunteers, especially if your facility hosts special events, gatherings and other occasions that require extra clean-up. The same two people or small group can become weary from the upkeep. Give them a rest by outsourcing a cleaning program that respects your needs and budget.

Providing hand sanitizer is one way that churches and religious facilities are helping slow the spread of illness. Your commercial cleaning service can also help boost your focus on health and wellness. NRI Corporate Cleaning is unique because it removes the maximum amount of dirt and germs. Every facility benefits from a cleaner, healthier cleaning program.